Brand new hand painted bibles made to order. These do not have to look like the photos in the listing. They are custom and made to order with whatever design/photograph you would like me to paint.

If you like a certain design from one of the pictures, I can recreate that design that is photographed in the listing for you. I can replicate or use different colors/text. Please be a specific as possible about what you want in the personalization box.

Each bible will have slight variations as they are hand painted and custom. 

For custom order please give me details, details, details! Please leave me a note or contact me (though my contact page) with specific details and photos you want replicated, color palettes you love, and more. The fewer details you provide, the more artistic liberties I will take—but I promise you that you'll receive a beautiful bible no matter what! 

Hand Painted Bible


There are NO REFUNDS. Once a design is finalized and the painting process has begun, that bible is yours. There are no returns or refunds.