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The Wurst Beginning

“You can find something truly important in an ordinary minute.” — Mitch Albom, For One More Day

Wesley and Gracie met, at church, several times before Wesley remembered who she was (although, it has been claimed, he does not remember this). The time he remembered, was when a leader pointed to Gracie.

Leader: She’s a keeper.

Wesley: There is no way I’d catch her.

He finally got his big break when some rather unfortunate news came out.

Gracie was not doing well in physics. Like, she was failing. Wesley offered to text her some diagrams that would help her on the test, but she would have to give him her number.


She handed it over.

They began to text back and forth over the course of the next few weeks, and he decided to ask her to prom.

When she said yes and they decided to hang out and get to know each better before prom. Just as friends, of course. A few dates later (AKA ice-cream, movie, and bowling), they headed out to prom.

With prom over, they wanted to keep hanging out, so they came up with more excuses:

Gracie: Want to read this book before the movie comes out?

Wesley: Want to come over for a family game night?

And right before he headed to college, he asked the question to guarantee he got to hang out with her all the time.

Wesley: Will you be my girlfriend?

And 4 years later, he asked the question to guarantee he’d hang out with Gracie the rest of his life.

Wesley: Gracie, will you marry me? 

Now, here is the controversial part of the story: Her response. It’s been said many different ways:

— “Sure, why not?”

— “Let me think about it, I’ll get back to you in about 24 hours.”

— “Eh, yeah. I guess.”

— “Yes!”

We’d like to think she also wanted an excuse to hang out with Wesley for the rest of her life, so we’re partial to the last option ;).

Who knew some physics diagrams could spark the start of a relationship to last a lifetime?


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