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Day 5 | Las Vegas | Archery Becomes Intense

This was the last day of the archery tournament, and it was also the day I decided to find coffee.

Realish coffee. Not the kind you get from the hotel bathroom, but the kind you just buy in a coffee shop within the hotel. Realish.

I sat there for 30 minutes waiting for my coffee only to find out they had forgotten to make my drink—not a shocking occurrence for me.

I met everyone at the tournament for a group photo with all our matching shirts. I know, so cute.

The boys ended the tournament on a good note even if they weren’t #1.

Afterwards, we shoved lunch down our throats and headed to Red Rock Canyon.

My expectations of this trip were as followed:

  1. Leisurely walks among the rocksEveryone staying together

  2. Neither one of these things happened.

I’m pretty sure we climbed Mt. Everest in converses with everyone split up among the trail/lack of trail.

All we wanted was a group photo and by the time the group was almost together, half of them ran ahead again.

  • Me (as we reach an incredibly high point in the climb): Are you freaking kidding me? Stop moving. Stay where you are. I’m not going any further.

  • Mom: Gracie, why are you being so negative?

  • Me: Because I never expected to climb this high and I’m pretty sure someone is going to die.

After we survived, things weren’t so bad.

The evening was dedicated to the archery pro shoot, where the top shooters compete in a sudden death competition for $54,000. I have never seen so many pairs of binoculars out at one time before.

  • Mom: This is the most exciting archery will ever get.

After the shoot off, I decided to run to the bathroom before we headed to dinner.

However, my family—unbegntost to me—were having their own competition: Who could get to dinner first.

They left me, Wesley, and my grandparents in the dust.

We couldn’t get ahold of anyone for any information.

After 15 minutes of wandering, I sent a message in the Official Booth Family Chat.

Dear Jerkbutts, I guess we’ll just wander around until we randomly find you.

Finally, we got a response with a restaurant name and location from Mollie, who also included this sweet line:

All you had to do was walk straight.


Here’s to a day where we can laugh and learn from forgotten coffee orders, unmet expectations, and a competitive family.


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