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What to Expect...

If you are looking for affordable, natural minded help during your breastfeeding journey, you’ve come to the right place. As a certified breastfeeding educator, I meet with struggling mama’s and help them find solutions to their breastfeeding issues.


In my approach, I work with simple and natural minded solutions. I try and keep to solutions that do not include a pump or formula, instead, I help a mother adjust and make small changes, get more sleep, have a well fed, and happy baby.


We live in a culture where mothers are told their bodies are broken and it's up to chance whether or not you can successfully breastfeeding.


This is a lie.


Breastfeeding, like many other things, is physical, mental, and spiritual. You must commit, embrace, and learn to be successful. It is not “if”, it is when you breastfeed. Your body was made to sustain this little life. It is a journey, but it is worth the effort. As a breastfeeding educator, it is my goal to help inform you, provide solutions, and help you thrive during your breastfeeding adventure.


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Note: A breastfeeding educator is a non-medical assistant in the postpartum period. I can only inform and provide possible solutions. During a consultation, if medical care or a diagnosis is needed, I will recommend providers.

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