Dearest Jane Austenites, please enjoy our special edition set of Jane Austen Novels! This beautifully designed set (with spines that perfectly align) is here for you to read and become a beautiful asset to your bookshelves. We're so excited for you to receive your copy to love and cherish for life!

These books can pull anyone out of the modern world and into Austen's humor filled English world. Sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy your reading experience.



NOTE: If you are ordering a single book, the spine image will be wrapped around the book. There is no special spine image. Please note, there are no returns. If you did not read this note (listed in multiple places), we are not liable.

The full set version will come with the full photo and connected spine.

If you order an individual book, your book spine will be the cover image wrapped around. You will NOT receive the spine image featured in the listing photo. Please look through all the listing photos and read for clarification.


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Over the course of eight months, you will recieve the entire Anne of Green Gables Series. One the first of each month, the book will be shipped out directly from the publisher. With the purchase of this subscription, we will mail you a bookmark and sticker to go with the series.

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Jane Austen | Collection & Subscription

Price Options
Hardcover Collection
$35.00every month for 6 months
Softcover Collection
$20.00every month for 6 months


  • Linen cover with dustcover
  • 6x9 inches
  • Matte Finish


  • Wraparound Cover
  • 6x9 inches
  • Glossy Finish