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I was inspired to create this journal during the pregnancy of my first baby. I wanted a journal where I could capture all the key moments in my tiny human's first year of life. I created something beautiful and practical in design for busy moms who want to remember these moments. These baby journals are quick and easy to fill out at the beginning of each milestone month.


Recording your baby's first year will be a treasure you hold onto for a lifetime.

Section 1: The Gift of You

  • Page to Stamp Hands and Feet
  • Baby Birth Information
  • About the Family Journal Page + Place for Photos
  • "When Dad Saw You" Journal Page
  • "When Mom Saw You" Journal Page
  • About Delivery Page + Place for Photos
  • About Babies Name + Place for Hospital Keepsakes
  • Birth Announcement Photo Pages
  • About Friends and Family who Came to Visit + Place for Photos
  • About the World when Baby was Born + Envelope for Article Insert
  • About Bringing Baby Home + Place for Photos
  • About Baby's First Days at Home + Place for Photos
  • About Baby's Daily Routine + Place for Photos
  • Getting to know Baby + Place for Photos

Section 2: Watching You Grow

  • Growth Chart
  • Medical Information
  • Place for Photos for Every Month of the First Year
  • "For the First Time" Chart
  • First Haircut + Place for Photos + Envelope for a Piece of Hair
  • First Coloring Page
  • Baby Teeth Chart
  • New Foods

Section 3: Out in the World

  • First Trips Out and About + Place for Photos
  • Traveling Memories + Place for Photos
  • First Playdates/Babysitter/etc

Section 4: First Holidays

  • First Valentines Day + Place for Photos
  • First Easter + Place for Photos
  • First 4th of July + Place for Photos
  • First Halloween + Place for Photos
  • First Thanksgiving + Place for Photos
  • First Christmas + Place for Photos
  • First New Year + Place for Photos
  • First Birthday + Place for Photos

Section 5: Love, Mom & Dad

  • "Love, Mom" Journal Prompts + Lines for Journaling
  • "Love, Dad" Journal Prompts + Lines for Journaling

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Baby's First Year


7x10 inches

Gold Coil Bound

Glossy Cover

Pearl Paper used in Section Titles

3 Color Variations (Pink, Blue, Purple)