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To: The Ultimate Life Ruiner. Yes, Mollie. That's You.

Today marks 6205 days of life for the person who came into the world and immediately ruined my life. She took my life as an only child and murdered it. 6205 (give or take) days ago, my mother brought my sister into this world. I made it a personal goal to make sure her life didn’t go far.

  1. I pushed her over any time she tried to sit up.

  2. I bit her.

  3. If I tripped, I would make sure to fall on her (it was way softer than the ground).

  4. I would hit her and tell my mother she ran into the wall.

  5. Once I even cut off all her hair.

Unfortunately, she prevailed and I got to know her a little more. I learned that she has all these annoying habits…

  1. She lives by the motto: If someone else can do it for me, why do it?

  2. She never cleans her room.

  3. She can always point out or bring out the flaws in me.

So, we fought, we argued, and then we grew up and realized she had kind of grown on me. Maybe having a little sister wasn’t so bad. The day I thought Mollie had come and destroyed my life turned out to be the best day of my life. Mollie wasn’t just my enemy. She was my best friend. We started to laugh together, cry together, and irritate each other even more. That was when I realized:

  1. Having other people do things for you is pretty genius. It’s called delegating and it is pretty life changing.

  2. When you spend your time worried about how clean your room is, you miss out on the important things in life.

  3. Maybe she wasn’t so wrong about my (few and far between) flaws.

Mollie is the exact opposite of me. I’m Garfield and she’s Odie. She’s a little wilder, a little braver, and a little taller. She sees the people around her like God sees us: In need of a lot of love and has plenty to give. So, happy birthday, Mollie. I’m glad you’ve made it to 17. If it makes you feel better, I’m sorry for trying to prevent you from making it this far. But I guess that’s the best thing about you. No matter what life throws, you continue in perseverance. You run the race of life without a second glance over your shoulder. You press on in your passion for Christ and push the people around you to do the same. Yes, I might have to literally look up to you because you’re like 10 feet tall, but I also look up to the way you live your life. It’s fun to watch and it’s even more fun to be apart of. I can’t wait for many more years of laughter, smiles, and adventure. Love, Your favorite oldest sister. P.S. Just because your taller doesn’t mean I can’t beat you up.

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