• Gracie Elizabeth


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and with all your mind. The second is like it: Love your neighbor as your selves. All the law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.”

This isn’t just a verse our Sunday School teachers had us memorize for the fun of it. It’s the secret to a life well lived with the realest purpose out there. Jesus makes it sound so incredible easy. Just love God and love others. Easier said than done. I look at my life and I can say that I go to church, I answer all the Jesus questions right, I don’t get in screaming matches or make snide comments to people. I’m doing pretty good. But then I look a little deeper. I may go to church, but am I doing it because I want to grow in my faith and to worshipHim or am I doing it because it’s become a habit? I wish I could say I go to worship Him every single week. But I don’t. I want to and I make an effort to go for the right reasons, but I fail all the time. I run the sound board on Wednesdays for my youth group, and occasionally, I’m in the sound booth just to escape from everyone around me. Being an introvert is not an excuse to God. He still gave me a job to do. Maybe one week that job is to learn something about God or something I need to change in my life. Maybe another week, God wants me to share something I know with the other people there. Maybe he wants me there just to enjoy some time to fellowship with other Christ-minded people. All I know, God has a purpose for us in the churches. Acts16:6 says this:

“The churches were being strengthened in the faith and were increasing in number every day.”

I think that God’s purpose is for us to have a strengthened faith for God with the encouragement of other Christians, and for me to be an encouragement to them as well. I may answer all the Jesus questions right, but am I living those questions out? I wish I could say I was. Unfortunately, I am not God. We have those small groups at church or friends will ask me a question about Jesus or something related and I can answer. I can tell you that Jesus doesn’t want you to stress. I can tell you that God should have all the control in your life. I can’t tell you how many girls I’ve told that Jesus made you just how He wanted you externally and internally and for goodness sake, be confident in that. But I am one of the most stressed out, controlling, and self conscious people I have ever met. It’s ridiculous really. I feel like the biggest hypocrite sometimes. God tells me that the birds of the air don’t worry where they get their food and that I can’t control anything in my life, and He even says He knew who I was before I was even conceived. I have discovered one thing so far in life: It is way easier to tell someone else how to fix their problems rather than how to fix my own. I have realized recently that I can answer as many questions as I want correctly and help as many people as I want, but it’s all nothing unless I am making my relationship with God my first priority and working on my many problems. God want’s me to face my problems before I answer any of the questions. In the last couple of months, I have been majorly working on control issues—which you know if you read my post on the speech I made a few months ago (The Time I Spoke at Fields of Speech). That’s all God want’s from us. It’s part of our purpose in loving God. I can answer as many questions about Him as I want, but if I am not giving him the respect and honor by actually living it out, I am doing something wrong. I may not get into screaming matches or make snide comments, but am I still thinking those terrible things? For sure. I am nice to my friends and even the people I don’t like. But I am constantly thinking the worst things about people. Especially people I don’t like. I’m constantly walking past a person and thinking.

  1. Please, please, please, do not see me as I walk past you.

  2. What an idiot.

  3. The only thing he accomplished when he walked in was irritating me on every available level.

  4. Is he stupid or is that just his personality?

I realize that this makes me just as bad as the person may or may not actually be. I’m sure when I walk by, there are people who don’t like me. I know I do idiotic things and even more stupid things. God tells me to love others in my life and in those moments, I am not. I know God tells me even non-Christians say nice things. In the purpose God has given me in life, he commands me to love others not only in what I say ,but also what I think. Jesus died for me so that I could have a relationship with Him and live out His purpose for me in life. He didn’t die so that school could consume my life. He didn’t die so that writing could consume my life. He didn’t die so that church could consume my life. He died to save my life from these things. He died to save me from the things of the world. It is all I can do to do my best at living for the purpose that He intended for me. I have to have the faith that no matter what terrible thing happens to me, it is for the best. I pray that I am the person God wants me to be and that I am willing to change in minor and major ways to continue living that way to make His horrendous death worth His while.

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