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She met Him a long time ago and she loved Him. He was a piece of her heart she couldn’t go without. She walked with Him. She spoke to Him. She let Him speak to her.

But life was chaos. She was chaos.

She spoke to him.

There is so much I want to do.

Follow me.

And she did. Until she found herself alone.

She sought Him out again.

I need you to stay with me. Life is too much.

Hold my hand, stare into my eyes, and you’ll never lose me again.

And she did.

But when she went to the sea, it crashed on top of her. She clung to His hand and as the water swirled trying to jerk her away, His hand steadily pulled her out. She let Him lead her away, but the fear still clung to her soul. It penetrated her dreams and dictated her days. Her hand began to slip away the further she crawled beneath her covers. Just before she let go, He tightened His grip.

You were meant for more.

And she lifted her head from the suffocating blanket. For her life was chaos. She was chaos. She had so much she wanted to do.

I want to live the life I was meant for.

Have peace.

She turned, still barely holding to his hand. She hurried on in the things of life, checking them off one by one.

Am I living the life I was meant for?

Have peace.

She returned to chaos. It encircled her almost eternally. There was a never-ending list of things and she couldn’t decipher necessity from wants.

I’m tired.

Have peace.

She shook her head for she was tired. Tired of work. Tired of lists. Tired of the pressure. Tired of His call for peace.

Have peace. You were meant for more.

I don’t know what that means.

But she got no response. And so, she trudged along checking off her list. One day, she dropped the list, too weary to hold it anymore. She turned to face Him.

She met His eyes for the first time since the waves had crashed over her. In His eyes He held a vision for her life. A life lived in the moment, for the people, unafraid of the future, unconcerned about the list. A life in His love, where fear dissipated. The future in His hands. She was meant for more than chaos.


He smiled and pulled her against His chest. She rested her head against Him. Her heartbeat synced with His steady one and she decided she would stay there eternally.



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