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Las Vegas: Day 6 | My Future Husband and Airports

The last morning started out as most mornings of my life have started.

  1. *Mom texts at 7:30am asking if we’re awake*

  2. *We don’t respond because we’re NOT awake*

  3. *Mom bangs on our hotel door*

  4. *I run to open it*

  5. Me: What.

  6. Mom: GOOD MORNING! As you know, breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day and we’re off to eat it, hope you will join us!

So, I wake my sisters and we get to breakfast. This is where my family of 6—plus my grandparents—all squeeze around a table meant for 4 people and successfully eat breakfast. Next, we packed and headed out to Bearizona. What is Bearizona? A place where you drive through 3 miles of land and get to see a variety of different animals and—obviously—bears. Mollie and I rode with my grandparents, while everyone else rode in the other car. First, we saw goats, wolves, coues (whatever that is), burrows, and bison. I was enraptured with the bison.

  1. Me: OH. MY. GOODNESS. They are so cute! Look at all the bison huddled up together. They must be cold, there is snow on their backs.

  2. Mollie: Gracie, those are ROCKS. The bison are on the OTHER side of the road.


What I thought was cute bison huddled together.


Actual Bison.

Mollie tells the family about this incident when we get out of the car.

  1. *Everyone (including my mother) starts slowly and most dramatically clapping*

  2. Everyone: Bravo, BRAVO. (If you don’t get it, read Las Vegas: Day 4)

Next, we had lunch on Route 66. We stopped at Café 66. It had bathrooms with stalls made of the beds of trucks, and without locks. None. Whatsoever.

IMG_3819 copy.jpg

Here we are. Just consider these our engagement pictures.

We rushed out soon afterwards. I guess, so fast, that my Dad forgot to get his credit card back from the waitress. But we didn’t realize this until we were two hours down the road and my mom become aware of one small fact: She left her purse at the restaurant. So, she calls:

  1. Mom: Hi, yes, I believe I left my purse at your restaurant.

  2. Restaurant Lady: What’s your name?

  3. Mom: *Gives name*

  4. Restaurant Lady: No, ma’am, I mean, the name on your card.

  5. Mom: *Gives name on card*

  6. Restaurant Lady: No. That’s not it. *Ends conversation*

  1. Mom: Uh. Sounds like someone left a card.

  2. Dad: Wait. *pulls out wallet* It’s mine.


Can you see his arm encroaching on my chair? *Sigh*

Also, there was a man and woman sitting beside me. The man—whose first language was not English—was trying to flirt with the lady. He kept using google translate. Here was my favorite part of their conversation:

  1. Man: Do you enjoy farts and craft?

  2. Woman (laughs): Arts and crafts?

  3. Man: No. I say, do you like farts and craft?

  4. Woman: I really think you’re trying to say ART.

A few minutes later, I boarded the flight and it went well. I had an aisle seat and the couple beside me was super wonderful. In fact, due to the sweating I was probably the smelly person they will complain about on their blog in the future ;). A few hours later, I arrived home with a great adventure behind me. I hope you enjoyed the daily reading. I certainly enjoyed writing it for you. Always praying for you and your own adventures in life. I hope they are filled with more laughter and fun than mine.

Sincerely, your one and only, Gracie Girl.

IMG_1393 2 copy.jpg

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