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Las Vegas: Day 4 | Whipped Cream and Red Rocks

Today we started out at Cracker Barrel—like any great day should. I asked for Pecan Pancakes with whipped cream. Unfortunately, waiters/waitresses never understand. When I say I want whipped cream, I mean, I want WHIPPED CREAM. As in, full coverage. Like, if I can see my pancake, I don’t have enough whip cream. Yet, I survived.

The morning swung past, and we packed up our things and headed out. We would be sleeping in Arizona for the next two nights. First, to get Mollie from the airport, and second, to go see the Grand Canyon in the morrow. But, we would make our way over there later. Next on the list was Red Rock Canyon. A 15 mile stretch of—you guessed it—Red Rock. I know, shocking. On the car ride there I sat in the far back between Ryan and Ellie. The two of them spent the entire 45-minute ride smacking each other, “helping” each other, arguing over stupid things, and farting. After about 5 minutes of this, I started implementing a training program I call the slap method. This method is simple and easy. Example:

  1. Ryan: *Farts*

  2. Me: *Slaps him across chest*

It doesn’t take long for anyone to get the idea. Unfortunately, he took a little longer than normal to learn. He was in quite a bit of pain by the end of the ride. Red Rock Canyon was magnificent though. Check it out below:


My grandmother looking especially tiny against the red rock.

ZY-Photo-2018-02-11-00000310 copy

3/4 of the Booth Kids feeling kind of cool on the top of one rock.

ZY-Photo-2018-02-11-00000396 copy.jpg

One pretty cool looking view from afar.

We took one hike, it was about a mile long and was well worth it. Some people were repelling, propelling, and climbing. Impressive and terrifying. We drove around the full 15 miles stretch and found ourselves in complete exhaustion by the end. Next, came the long ride to Arizona. Just the girls. The boys stayed behind to do manly things like archery. The beginning of the drive started something like this:

  1. Ellie: I have been keeping track in this notebook. You guys have annoyed me 16 times.

  2. Me: What? I didn’t hear you.

  3. Ellie: You guys, have annoyed me 16 times.

  4. Me: I’m sorry, how many times?

  5. Ellie: 16 times.

  6. Me: WHAT?


So, clearly, it was going really well. Not too long later, we stopped for Subway where Ellie ordered her sandwich with a side of spinach and literally ate more of the spinach than of her sandwich.

The rest of the ride went smoothly. However, Mollie’s plane ride and airport experience was not. Remember Las Vegas: Day 1? You know how I had all these fears, and was kind of terrified they would become reality? Well, they did for Mollie. Except for losing her luggage. Don’t worry, she will have a change of underwear for the next 5 days. But everything else happened. Examples:

  1. Flight delayed? Check.

  2. Missed connecting flight? Check.

  3. Next flight in 12 hours? Check.

  4. Airport won’t get you a hotel? Check.

  5. Airport will provide “safety with managers of minors in back” for the night? Check.

  6. Guy behind you asks if he can pay for your hotel room? Check.

After a 3-hour drive to our hotel, my mom dropped Ellie and I off and left for another 2-hour drive to get the last Booth Child. The other rough ending of a day happened for the boys. My dad, on his way to meet up with us in Arizona, had an asthma attack and had to stop and turn around to go back to a city that had an urgent care. This set them behind a few hours. So, my grandfather ended up driving the rent car, but only for about an hour before stopping for ice-cream to keep them awake.

They didn’t arrive until 1:45am. My mom and grandma picked up Mollie and found a hotel room in Phoenix around 2:00am. Ellie and I were fast asleep in the hotel by 11:00pm. Until tomorrow, a day full of excitement and exhausted people.

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