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Las Vegas | Day 3 | All the Missing Things

As usual, the day started off early with one person lagging behind.

Wesley quickly learned a lesson Ellie learned a long time ago: If you take an extra minute, you get left behind.

Which is why I received the text— Where are y’all? —just about the time we all arrived at the archery tournament. But, no worries, I found out where we were sitting and proceeded to meet him at the top of the escalator to lead him back.

Some might call me a knight in shining armor.

When we got back, my mom was busy trying to contact Death Valley for Tyler’s missing backpack. Tyler was incredibly calm about the unfortunate turn of events. However, Mollie was not okay with Tyler being inconvenienced. She was irritated Death Valley didn’t answer their phone before they were actually supposed to be open. I mean, how dare they?

Meanwhile, Mollie decides to post a ton photos of her and Tyler on Instagram, and promptly requested everyone within ten miles to stop what they were doing to like the photos.

  1. Me: Question: Is Mollie obsessed with her boyfriend? Answer: Yes.

  2. Mollie: Question: Is Mollie’s sister a jerk? Answer: Yes.

After the tournament we split ways. Some went to play arcade games, and I headed out with my mom and grandmother to the grocery store.

Once we got to the car, we tried to unlock the doors. 

  1. Mom: The car won’t unlock.

  2. Me: I think the batteries are almost out.

*Tries to help but the doors still won’t open*

We tried everything from inserting the key, to pressing the unlock button a bazillion times.

It didn’t work.

I lifted up the keychain with the car information on it.

Gray Dodge.

We were definitely driving a red Dodge. We had the keys to the other rental car.

  1. Mom: Seriously, we’re just going to drive the other car.

So, we walked all the way around the casino to the other car—which took two ages—and headed to the grocery store.

Once we returned, we officially discovered we’d lost the keys.

But we had gotten ahold of someone at Death Valley who conveniently had someone driving for supplies to Las Vegas. They would bring the backpack directly to us.

The real knight in shining armor.

Next on the list for the day was Hoover Dam, which we couldn’t see without the keys to both cars.

An hour of searching goes by before my parents finally decided to get a second pair of keys from the rental place.

As they drove off, low and behold, my mom looked down and there were the long lost keys. What a productive day this was, by only 1pm we’d found—and delivered—all the missing things.

We arrived at Hoover Dam within the next hour. 

Now, on these types of activities, we can count on at least 3 things:

  1. Wesley and my grandma will read every sign in all the museums which will take approximately 43 years.

  2. Mollie will make Tyler suffer through an entire photoshoot at said location.

  3. Ryan and Matthew will suffer through 1 photo where they forget about normal human behavior.

All three of these “dam” things happened.

Next on the list was a birthday dinner at a hibachi restaurant. Those chefs take the whole cooking thing to a new level. I’ve decided I’ll no longer be a designer, I want to be a chef who throws knives while catching them right in front of a customer’s face.

That’s the real dream.


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