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Las Vegas | Day 2 | Trails and Tribulations

The day started with a bright light when my mother made the mistake of allowing Tyler into the room for breakfast. Apparently, our black out curtains were doing their job well.

We packed up and headed out for our day in Death Valley before we returned to Las Vegas for the archery shoot. It was unanimously decided archery was going to be in the way of our tourism (just kidding, we will be the most supportive fans tomorrow, we promise.)

Day 2 was a day for all the things, I shall recap in one (or two) sentences each hike/trail below.

Mosaic Canyon

Where we discovered God was the first mosaic artist, and the rocks tripped me—the camera was okay though ;).

Left: Natural rock mosaics Right: Ellie amidst those huge rocks

Salt Marsh Interpretive Board Walk

A place where everyone strangely had a huge interest in the tiny fish in the tiny stream.

Side note: We also discovered compost toilets. Would 10/10 recommend if you like to see ten feet into your toilet, and enjoy a cold/breezy bathroom experience.

Devils Golf Course

Of course, we all forgot our golf balls, it would’ve been the perfect place to play.

Badwater Basin

Where everything is LITERALLY salt.

Also, most importantly here, we had lunch.

I accidently dropped my water on the ground, and I tried to get someone to lick it—you know, just to make sure it really was salt and not sand. No one would do it. So selfish.

This flatland sits 282 feet below sea level at the lowest point in the western hemisphere. So, we all hit rock bottom on this trip.

The most important part of the day.

Standing in the salt

Natural Bridge

An “easy” uphill hike. Let me tell you, this would have been an easy hike if your feet didn’t sink into the rocks with every step. A few of us climbed up onto the bridge which was a poor decision and actually terrifying—I don’t care what Wesley and Tyler say.

The large and terrifying rock I climbed

Underneath the natural bridge

Artists Palette

We hiked up a treacherous canyon and promptly found out at the top we could have walked across flat ground from the road. Then, we saved an older couple from making the same mistakes.

We also drove around this one twice since we skipped the overlook thinking there was a second one. Unfortunately, we were wrong, but well worth the drive.

When we finally made it to the overlook (the second time), Mollie had me take a photo of her and Tyler. At some point—unbeknownst to me—I was replaced as photographer by my mother as I am taking the photo. Apparently, I wasn’t doing a good enough job. Color me offended.

The Colors of Artist Palette

Me being shocked

Zabriskie’s Point

A short stop at an overlook. I didn’t know there were extra trails until my grandma and Ellie appeared below the overlook. Color me shocked.

20 Mule Canyon

  1. Mom: I don’t know if we have time for this one.

  2. Me: Why not?

  3. *Wesley veers onto the trail*

  4. Me: I was discussing, not making the decision.

Dante’s View

We finally had phone service, but I decided the view was better than any text message. No offense 😉

Once the sun came down, it was time to drive back to Nevada to eat and use bathrooms we might survive a fall into.

However, our bliss came to a screeching halt as we unpacked the car.

  1. Tyler: Has anyone seen my backpack?

  2. Mom: Ellie grabbed it at the hotel.

  3. Ellie: No, I didn’t.

To be continued…


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