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Las Vegas: Day 2 | It's Kind of like a City.

Today was a little less adventurous, but just as exciting. It featured: Chick-fil-a, archery, Panera, more archery, Panda Express, picking up family at the airport, and a trip down the LAS VEGAS STRIP. Breakfast was great, except for the part where I watched my Dad sip his coffee and thought, well that’s nice, it must have cooled down enough to drink. No. No, it was not. I think I burned my mouth off. So, it’s fine.

Next, was archery. Ryan started out okay, ended not so great, but it was okay because a bad day just means we have the option to learn and grow in another area of our life. But let me tell you something. The most exciting thing to happen at this archery tournament (you know other than the archery) was the man standing in front of me and my dad who gave one loud and long fart. Yes. You read right. One spectacular, juicy fart. My dad and I made the eye contact that says, “Did he just—? Yes. Yes, he did.” The farter, at this point, glanced over his shoulder, picked up his things, and walked over to talk with a group of other dads. This brought to mind a couple of questions. For example:

  1. Did he walk over by us—alone—just to fart?

  2. Did he think we didn’t overhear?

None-the-less, we continued on with life, a little more entertained. Lunch came late. Dinner came a few hours later. My extended family came, and the car couldn’t fit us all. This meant, yours truly had to ride of the floor. We had to find a fast restaurant to eat at, so I kept my eyes peeled for some place good. That’s when I saw it. Panda Express. Perfect. No one else saw Panda. So, from the floor, I directed my father. This is where I delivered the greatest line of the day:

  1. Me: It seems that I have the same view from the floor as I do from a seat.

After throwing some food into our bellies, we dropped everyone back off at the hotel and headed to the airport. My mom and sister had just landed. A few minutes later they walked out to the baggage claim. It seemed my little sister, Ellie, was already having a blast. She ran up and gave me the biggest hug she could manage.

  1. Ellie: I missed you so much, Gracie. But not you, Ryan. I did not miss you at all.

I grinned, and we hurried them and their luggage out. Last stop of the day, Vegas Strip. Lights, magnificent buildings, and crazy waterfalls. I don’t think anyone could sum the day up better than Ellie.

  1. Ellie: Vegas is like a town. No, it is like a city.

  2. Ryan: That’s because it is a city.

  3. Ellie: Are you serious? This is amazing.

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