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Las Vegas: Day 2 | It's Kind of like a City.

Today was a little less adventurous, but just as exciting. It featured: Chick-fil-a, archery, Panera, more archery, Panda Express, picking up family at the airport, and a trip down the LAS VEGAS STRIP. Breakfast was great, except for the part where I watched my Dad sip his coffee and thought, well that’s nice, it must have cooled down enough to drink. No. No, it was not. I think I burned my mouth off. So, it’s fine.

  1. Did he walk over by us—alone—just to fart?

  2. Did he think we didn’t overhear?

None-the-less, we continued on with life, a little more entertained. Lunch came late. Dinner came a few hours later. My extended family came, and the car couldn’t fit us all. This meant, yours truly had to ride of the floor. We had to find a fast restaurant to eat at, so I kept my eyes peeled for some place good. That’s when I saw it. Panda Express. Perfect. No one else saw Panda. So, from the floor, I directed my father. This is where I delivered the greatest line of the day:

  1. Me: It seems that I have the same view from the floor as I do from a seat.

  1. Ellie: I missed you so much, Gracie. But not you, Ryan. I did not miss you at all.

I grinned, and we hurried them and their luggage out. Last stop of the day, Vegas Strip. Lights, magnificent buildings, and crazy waterfalls. I don’t think anyone could sum the day up better than Ellie.

  1. Ellie: Vegas is like a town. No, it is like a city.

  2. Ryan: That’s because it is a city.

  3. Ellie: Are you serious? This is amazing.

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