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Las Vegas | Day 1 | Introduced to Death Valley

We hit the ground running at 5am, Tuesday morning. Well. Not exactly. Us, as in the Booth family, hit the ground running.

Just before we drove off without them, Wesley and Tyler dragged themselves into the car complaining about the “ungodly time.” From there we had to pick Matthew up, who would also be traveling to Vegas for the archery tournament we were headed off too.

While on our way to pick Matthew up, my dad made an announcement.

  1. Dad: I think we can all bet on Mollie crying later today and Gracie later this week.

Mollie and I:

We made it to the airport, and got on our flight without any troubles except for one thing.

The time­–change.

When we left, it was breakfast time.

When we arrived, it should have been lunch time.

It was not.

It was still breakfast time.

Disappointing, but not to worry. It took us two different buses, one of which my grandparents turned up on, and an incredibly long time to rent two cars for our large group.

It was during this time, I photographed all the signs in the parking lot *type nerd alert,* and capture images of the obese Las Vegas birds.

It was also about this time Mollie and Tyler announced their goals for the following week.

  1. Mollie: I am going to work on not punching Tyler when he irritates me.

  2. Tyler: I am going to be as annoying as possible and count the amount of times Mollie hits me.

  3. *Mollie punches him*

  4. Tyler: Fifteen. That makes fifteen times.

When we got to the rental car, Ellie and I were shoved into the back.


Our knees are scrunched up, and our feet unable to touch the ground.

Meanwhile, my mom is trying to tell everyone the schedule.

  1. Mom: Mollie, I am going to verbally tell you the schedule while you write it and send it to everyone in a text.

  2. Mollie: If we go to the restaurant of my request for lunch, I will do that.

  3. Wesley: This is not a negotiation.

  4. Tyler: I don’t know how much longer I can take Mollie.

  5. Mollie: What! I have been perfectly lovely.

  6. Wesley: Actually, she has been kind of pleasant.

  7. Tyler: Sixteen. Really, Mollie?

  8. Wesley: I retract my previous statement.

After lunch, we waited in the car while my mom and grandma grabbed some food for the next day. It was during this time that several events transpired:

Mollie briefs us on our next event: Death Valley.

  1. Mollie: Okay, here’s the thing. The bathrooms are gross, so I recommend dehydrating yourself.

  2. Me: What? We’re going to Death Valley, and you want us to dehydrate ourselves?

We decided to play the Silent Game. Wesley was so quiet during the game, Mollie forgot he was playing. When everyone else had lost she promptly declared herself winner. You can imagine her disappointment when she realized, she’d just lost the game for herself and Wesley had won.

Mollie and Tyler somehow get their fingers stuck in the air vent (although, Tyler claims he was not stuck).

Exhibit A & B

Afterwards, we headed out on the two-hour drive to Death Valley.

Wesley drove this section and we determined he had two speeds.

  1. Bat out of hell

  2. Turtle in the dessert

Those speeds took us all the way to a ghost town…

And, into Death Valley’s Sand dunes in time for the sunset.

Beautiful as it was, we will probably be shaking sand from our shoes for the rest of our lives.

Onward to our beds, and a week of adventures ahead of us.


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