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Day 6 & 7 | Grand Canyon & Texas

For our last day in Vegas, we decided to drive out into the Grand Canyon. It would be well worth the four and a half hour drive for all the people who had never been.

The trek began with us being dragged out of bed bright and early.

We stopped for lunch at the same place my mom left her purse at 2 years ago. They must have remembered, because no one looked excited to see us.

Well, it was that, or the fact that we brought 11 people.

Everyone opened up their menus.

  1. Ryan: I want the steak, but it literally cost $15.

  2. Me: Your face cost $15.

  3. Ryan: Your mom cost $15.

  4. Mom: I cost a lot more than that.

Once our food was delivered Ryan immediately reached his ridiculously long arm across the table for the ketchup.

  1. Dad: Be careful we don’t get ketchup everywhere.

  2. Me: Yeah, Ryan.

*I immediately stick my arm in the mayo on my burger.*

It turns out, what goes around comes around.

After finishing our food and cleaning up, we took a few Route 66 photos (because who wouldn’t,) then headed out on our merry way.

For the entirety of the car ride I was shoved in the back by myself. Feeling particularly bored by the end of the trip, I decided to cure the boredom by messing with Wesley sitting directly in front of me.

*Locks Wesley’s seatbelt for the 3rd time*

  1. Wesley: Please stop messing with my safety restraint system.

Luckily for him, we made it a few minutes later.

We spent a few hours driving through while admiring the views until the sun fell back behind the canyons.

Tired and time to go home, we drove all the way back. We got up the next morning to take a few last pictures, then hopped on a plane back to Texas.

While Texas doesn’t have grand canyons and vast valleys, it has its own charm and beauty that one can’t help but long for when away.

Besides, sleeping in your own bed again sure is nice too.


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