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Day 4 | Las Vegas | Pack Your Navigation

The day started out, and I was named the official title of navigator.

Not because I was good at it, but because my mother decided my grandmother and Wesley needed to learn patience. I was honored to take this task for the day.

My mother’s phrase for the week was “unpack your patience” which was said any time someone forgot they packed It.

I decided mine was: Pack your navigation.

First stop was the Carroll Shelby Museum.

  1. Me: Where are we going again?

  2. Mom: The Shelby Museum.

*Pulls it up on gps*

I’m sitting between my grandma and Wesley who are both staring over my shoulder at the gps as my mom is telling us a story.

  1. Grandma (whispers): Tell her to get in the left lane.

  2. Grandma (whispers): she needs to be in the left lane.

  3. Me: Grandma, are you packing your navigtion right now?

When we arrived, we walked into a gift shop which opened up into a large open room full of Shelby Mustangs/Cobras/etc.

There was nothing much of interest, except for the typography. It was the best I’d seen so far during the week. You know I snapped a ton of photos. 

The tour guide started his spiel and I stepped up next to Wesley.

  1. Tour Guide: I want to know all the young couples here. How about you first?

*He points to a young couple by us*

I immediately vacated the area. I love Wesley, but not enough to stand by him and talk in front of a group of 100 people without 6 months of notice.

The tour guide goes on and on and on for a hundred years (a full hour and 5 minutes). Wesley said It was a great history lesson, I wouldn’t know. I enjoyed the pleasures of Instagram on a bench far away from the tour guide being able to speak to me.

At the end, we were allowed to go into the warehouse where they manufacture the cars. I noticed one of them had dust and tried to wipe It off.

This upset all the boys who immediately slammed my hand down.

  1. The Boys: Gracie. You don’t touch art.

Once it was over, the boys asked me if they could get all the pictures of the cars I took. 

  1. Me: Sure, but I’m pretty certain it won’t be what you’re expecting.

Next on the list was Welderup.

I thought it was going to be a cool thing about welding things.


It was another car place. *sigh*

The boys were way too excited. While Tyler was trying to take souvenirs, Wesley was underneath the cars to see exactly how they worked.

I decided it would be a good time to take a photo with the car.

  1. Wesley: Nooooooo

Again, I personally found the typography was the best thing at Welderup.

My overall rating for Day 4 experiences: I’d rather be In jail.

Yes. Much better.

We headed back to the hotel.

The archery tournament was next of the list. Matthew did pretty good and Ryan struggled a little bit more. It was okay though, they both gave their bests.

  1. Me: I know we’re in the left lane, but we need to be four lanes over to the right. No worries, the gps will recalculate.

  2. Mom: Great.

  3. Me: Actually, It turns out, we needed to be in the other lane over on the left. That was our turn.

  4. Everyone In the Car: Whyyyyyy?

  5. Mom: Everyone needs to unpack their patience.

  6. Wesley: I would, but that was another turn we needed to take.

  7. Me: Wesley, are you packing your navigation skills right now?

  8. Mom: What’s our next turn?

  9. Me: It says to go right, but my better judgement says to go left.

*Mom turns left*

*Everyone in the car*

That night, we decided to end the night by visiting the strip. I totally get the appeal of Las Vegas now.

  1. Thousands of smells

  2. Millions of blinking lights

  3. Cigarette/marijuana smoke blowing in your face from all directions

  4. Creepy men

  5. Drunk guys picking up straws off the ground and drinking from them

  6. Hot buildings

What’s not to like?

*Me running to the shower after that beautiful experience*

But, for reals, the fountain was insane and everyone needs one of those in their front yard.

We all crashed when we got home, dreaming of one last day of archery to come.


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