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Your brand represents who you are and what your company is all about. It tells a story. One of my favorite things to do is take your story and turn it into a visual reality. I want to create a brand that you love and is unique to your company.

Some examples of branding materials:

Business Cards, logo, photography, banners, stickers, postcards, website, social media graphics, etc.

Interested, but want an exact price first? Fill out the form below and I will email you a quote in the next 24 hours.

General information is listed below on pricing, however specific projects will vary.

General Pricing

Logo Package ∙ $200

The process of designing a logo is pretty simple. I generally meet or email back and forth with you to find out exactly what you want and make pdf full of designs for your logo based on our conversation. From there, we will go back and forth with changes until you have the logo of your dreams.


In the end, you will recieve color and black and white files in the form of png, jpeg, and pdf. You can always let me know if there is another form you would like to recieve.

Brand Style Package ∙ $200

Your brand style is what makes your brand unique. It is your “face” to your internet audience. For example, Nike has a strong and simple brand style. “Just Do It”, a white checkmark, and athletes running are iconic symbols for them. This is their style. Athletic. Healthy. Put your big girl pants on and do it. You can have the same thing. With a brand style, you will recieve a logo, color palette, slogan, font style, and image style for you. We follow the same process as the Logo Package.

Branding System ∙ Minimum $400, PRICE VARIES

The branding system includes the logo package, brand style package, and any other items you may need from  business cards, bookmarks, maps, aprons, or t-shirts. This is a customized package based on your needs for your business.

Deluxe Package ∙ Minimum $1,700, PRICE VARIES

The deluxe system includes the branding system as well as a website design. 

Business Cards ∙ Minimum $200, PRICE VARIES

Business cards are a common necessity for professionals. The design process of these will follow the same as the logo process. We will chat about your needs and work on the design until it is exactly what you want.

Social Media Cards ∙ $15 per design

These instagram or facebook designs for advertisments or annoucements are perfect for your social media. If you have a brand style, I follow your guidelines. If you need a brand style, you can hire me to create one as well.

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