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There are so many items that authors need. If one of those things is branding or web design please click the links to get more information.

Scroll down for covers, interior book design, and marketing information and pricing. I try to work within the authors budget for each project, but please understand that there is a range I must work with. That being said, the prices listed are the average I charge. Please let me know if you need to negotiate. I can't always do that, but I do my best with work within your limits financially.

General Pricing

Book Covers ∙ $400

Single book covers include hardcover, softcover, and ebook sizing. It it up to the client to provide the size (depending on what company is publishing). I work closely with the client to bring to life their book and capture the reader's eyes. These are one of my favorite projects to do!

Interior Book Design & Typography ∙ $0.01 per word

Interior book design is an area I have been specifically trained in. I love putting the books together and creating beautiful text on the page. I work closely with each client to get the right typeface, spacing, and design.

PLEASE NOTE: Your book must be completely finished. There are additional $2 charge for each edit you want to make after the design is complete. 

Marketing ∙ Varies depending on Project

Marketing could be anything from social media management, content, social media graphics, advertising, etc. Please contact me or fill out the form above to let me know what you are wanting.

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